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Product Description


Product Description

Hengsen Copper Fittings Straight Coupling for Refrigeration System
Product Features:
With large production scale and short production cycle, CHINAMFG red copper products can solve customers’ problems as soon as possible.
Professional team and professional operation, for each step of the production of products are responsible for a special person to ensure the quality of products.

As a fitting for pipe connection, it can withstand corrosion of a variety of fluids.Often used in the refrigeration industry.
Competitive Advantage
1.In Line With International Standards
2.Every Product Has Been Inspected for Quality
3.Suitable for Pipe Connection and Refrigeration
4.Production Line, Every Product is Guaranteed Quality and Quantity

Quick Detail
Packing:Plastic Bag+Carton
Pressure:High Pressure
Service:Customized OEM CNC Machining
Keyword:Mechanical Couplings
Feature:High Strength
Thickness:Customized Thickness


Product Parameters

Order No. Model No. Dimension(mm)(mm)
D L L1 R Material thickness
43540 S-6 6.05 16 6 1.0 0.9
43541 S-6.35 6.4 16 6 0.9 0.75
43542 S-8 8.05 17 7 0.9 0.9
43543 S-9.52 9.58 20 8 1.0 0.9
43544 S-10 10.05 20 8 1.0 0.9
43545 S-12 12.05 21 9 1.0 0.9
43546 S-12.7 12.75 21 10 1.0 0.9
43547 S-15 15.07 25 11 1.0 0.9
43548 S-15.88 15.95 27 12 1.0 0.9
43549 S-16 16.07 27 12 1.0 0.9
43550 S-19 19.10 30 13 1.0 0.9
43551 S-22 22.1 34 15 1.0 1
43552 S-22.23 22.33 34 15 1.0 1
43553 S-25 25.1 38 17 1.0 1
43554 S-25.4 25.5 38 17 1.0 1
43555 S-28 28.10 42 19 1.0 1
43556 S-28.6 28.70 42 19 1.0 1
43557 S-32 32.10 47 21 1.2 1.3
43558 S-35 35.10 49 22 1.2 1.3
43559 S-38 38.10 50 23 1.2 1.4
43560 S-41.3 41.40 54 25 1.2 1.4
43561 S-42 42.10 55 25 1.2 1.4
43562 S-44 44.10 58 26 4.4 1.4
43563 S-45 45.10 58 26 1.4 1.5
43564 S-50 50.15 60 28 1.4 1.7
43565 S-54 54.15 66 30 1.4 1.8
43566 S-55 55.15 66 30 1.4 1.7
43567 S-60 60.15 70 32 1.4 1.7
43568 S-66.7 66.85 76 35 1.5 1.7
43569 S-67 67.15 76 35 1.5 1.7
43570 S-70 70.15 79 36 1.5 1.9
43571 S-76 76.20 84 38 1.4 1.8
43572 S-79.4 79.45 86 40 1.5 2
43573 S-80 80.20 88 40 1.6 2.2
43574 S-85 85.20 90 42 1.6 2.2
43575 S-89 89.20 94 44 1.7 2.3
43576 S-92 92.20 98 45 1.7 2.3
43577 S-105 105.30 107 50 1.7 2.4
43578 S-108 108.30 112 50 1.7 2.4
43579 S-133 133.60 127 58 2.0 3
43580 S-159 159.70 146 66 2.5 4

Company Profile

ZHangZhoug CHINAMFG Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of HVAC controls products, Pipe fittings and Refrigeration fittings.
Hengsen is located in the Yangtze River CHINAMFG region, with good geographical and economic advantages.

Our team
Through the in-depth implementation of technical standards strategy, Hengsen accelerated the process of transformation and upgrading.
Up to now, CHINAMFG has 5 subsidiaries, covering a total area of more than 80,000 square meters, with more than 500 employees and more than 100 professional technicians

Why Us










Q1:What is the protocol for requesting a manufacturing quote from Hengsen?
A1: A simply call or write to us with your purchase request.
Q2:Can I get some samples ?
A2:Yes, we can provide samples( for free). Please contact and send us your address.

Q3:Will there be company website?
A3:Yes.Please log on to hengsen01
Q4:How are orders packed and shipped ?
A4:We have two kinds of packing, 1 with our brand and 1 without anything. If requires, we can match your brand. Most shipments include boxes packed inside an outer carton and placed on a wooden pallet.
Q5:What are your quality control procedures?
A5: CHINAMFG insists on strict quality control procedures that begin with product design and carry through to the end of the production process using state-of -the-art quality control equipment .And we have a national laboratory to ensure the quality of every product.
Q6:Where is your company located? How can I get there?
A6:Our company is located at CHINAMFG industrial zone in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug province. You can contact us before you come. All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us.

Q7:Do CHINAMFG products come with a warranty ?
A7:Yes. We are 100% responsible for our products and provide one years’ after-sale guarantee.At the same time, for your feedback, we will arrange a person responsible for your rights and interests at the first time .

Q8: How long can I get the products?
A8:It depends on the quantity and your address.Please contact us and check it.

Q9:How are the products manufactured?
A9:Not only do we ensure strict quality standard , we attach personnel in all manufacturing progresses.

Q10:How are the payments terms like?
A10:Our usual payment terms are T/T, VISA and Online Bank Payment. Please advise if you require other payment methods.



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universal coupling

Are there Maintenance Requirements for Universal Couplings to Ensure Longevity?

Yes, like any mechanical component, universal couplings require regular maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Proper maintenance practices can help prevent premature wear, reduce the risk of failure, and extend the service life of the coupling. Here are some essential maintenance requirements for universal couplings:

  • Lubrication: Universal couplings consist of moving parts, such as bearings and cross journals, which require proper lubrication. Regularly lubricating the coupling helps reduce friction, wear, and heat generation. The type and amount of lubrication needed depend on the coupling’s design and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Inspection: Regular visual inspections should be performed to check for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Look for any abnormal vibrations, noise, or leakage. If any issues are detected, they should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Torque Checks: It is essential to periodically check the torque of the coupling’s fasteners, such as bolts and nuts, to ensure they are properly tightened. Loose fasteners can lead to misalignment and coupling failure.
  • Alignment: If the coupling is used in an application where misalignment is common, such as automotive drivetrains, it is crucial to check and adjust the alignment regularly. Proper alignment helps prevent excessive stress on the coupling and other connected components.
  • Replacement of Worn Parts: Over time, certain parts of the universal coupling, such as bearings and seals, may wear out and need replacement. Following the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals and using genuine replacement parts is essential to maintain the coupling’s reliability.

It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and recommendations specific to the universal coupling model and application. Regular maintenance not only ensures the longevity of the coupling but also contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of the machinery or system in which it is used.

universal coupling

Are there special half couplings designed for specific types of pipes (e.g., stainless steel, PVC)?

Yes, there are special half couplings designed to accommodate specific types of pipes, such as stainless steel and PVC. The selection of the half coupling material depends on the material of the pipe being used in the system. Here are some common types of half couplings designed for specific pipe materials:

1. Stainless Steel Half Couplings: These half couplings are specifically designed for use with stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel half couplings offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability, making them suitable for applications in industries where corrosion or chemical compatibility is a concern.

2. PVC Half Couplings: PVC half couplings are designed for use with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes commonly used in plumbing and irrigation systems. These couplings provide a secure and leak-resistant connection for PVC pipes and are typically non-corrosive and lightweight.

3. Carbon Steel Half Couplings: Carbon steel half couplings are commonly used with carbon steel pipes in various industrial applications. They offer good strength and durability, making them suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature systems.

4. Brass Half Couplings: Brass half couplings are used with brass pipes in plumbing and other low-pressure applications. Brass provides good corrosion resistance and is often preferred for its aesthetic appearance.

5. Copper Half Couplings: Copper half couplings are designed for use with copper pipes, commonly used in plumbing and refrigeration systems. Copper offers excellent heat and electrical conductivity and is resistant to corrosion.

6. Ductile Iron Half Couplings: Ductile iron half couplings are used with ductile iron pipes, offering high strength and ductility. They are commonly used in water and wastewater applications.

7. Galvanized Half Couplings: Galvanized half couplings are coated with zinc to provide corrosion resistance. They are used with galvanized pipes in outdoor and exposed environments.

The choice of half coupling material should match the material of the pipe to ensure compatibility, prevent corrosion, and maintain the overall integrity of the system. It is essential to consult with coupling manufacturers or industry experts to select the appropriate half coupling material based on the specific application and pipe material used in the system.

universal coupling

Choosing the Right Universal Coupling for a Specific Application

When selecting a universal coupling for a particular application, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability:

  • Load and Torque Requirements: Determine the maximum load and torque that the coupling will experience during operation. Choose a universal joint that can handle these loads without exceeding its rated capacity.
  • Speed: Consider the operating speed of the application as high-speed applications may require different coupling designs to ensure smooth power transmission.
  • Shaft Sizes: Measure the diameters of the shafts that need to be connected. The universal coupling should have compatible shaft bores to ensure a proper fit.
  • Angular Misalignment: Evaluate the angle between the shafts that the universal joint needs to accommodate. Choose a universal coupling with the appropriate angular misalignment capability to avoid excessive stress on the components.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider the environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, and corrosive agents. Choose a coupling made from materials suitable for the specific conditions to ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Space Limitations: Evaluate the available space for the coupling installation. Ensure that the chosen universal joint can fit within the constraints of the system.
  • Serviceability: Consider the ease of maintenance and the availability of replacement parts if needed. Opt for a universal coupling that is easy to access and service when required.
  • Application Type: Determine the specific application type, such as automotive, industrial machinery, marine, aerospace, etc. Different applications may require unique coupling designs and materials to meet their demands.
  • Alignment Frequency: If the system experiences frequent misalignments, consider using constant velocity joints (CV joints) that maintain a constant speed ratio between input and output shafts even at different angles.

By carefully considering these factors and matching the specifications of the universal coupling to the specific application requirements, you can ensure reliable and efficient power transmission and minimize the risk of premature coupling failure.

China manufacturer Pipe Fittings Universal Copper Straight Coupling  universal couplingChina manufacturer Pipe Fittings Universal Copper Straight Coupling  universal coupling
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